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About the venue: a conceptual beer club with its own mini brewery.

Cuisine: Ukrainian home style, European.

Bar: own beer, classic bar.

Available places – 250. Area 600 sq.m

Type of work: concept development, startup, management, marketing.

Period of work: 2012-2014


This is a consulting project, the implementation of which lasted several years. The initial idea from investors for that underground premise of the shopping centre was to create a night disco-club.

However, the location analysis, the presence of the university nearby, the absence of parking facilities but the convenient public transport communication pointed out the expedience of creating a public catering establishment. The possibility to work at night prompted creating a show format.

The idea of opening a private mini brewery first appeared in 2011, but only in 2013 we managed to open the first and the only establishment of that kind in Lutsk.

The name “Karabas Barabas” appeared from the name of the shopping centre where the venue is located – “Buratino”.

The interior and other stylistic features are absolutely conceptual: trees growing upside down, clockwork puppet show, animators Bazilio the Cat and Alice the Fox and so on.

The brewery capacity is 500 liters of beer daily.

The features of the establishment:

- Own beer, brewed in visitors’ sight at the entrance

- Open grill in the hall inside

- A big stage behind the bar for performances

Initially, the production of the own beer enabled to reach the markup of 300-400%, however, the change in currency exchange rate decreased it to 150%. Nevertheless, it still remains the anchor attracting people.

The creation of the distribution network consisting of the own branches helps increase the brewery profitability. It enables to load the production capacities up to 70% in winter and up to 100% in summer.

Project payback – 1 year

Food cost – 40%

Form of ownership – investor’s own premises