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About the venue: the chain of conceptual home style retro cafés from the 70s.

Cuisine: home style (pelmeni (small pockets of dough filled with minced beef, lamb, or pork), varenyky (boiled dumplings stuffed with potato, cheese, or other filling), chebureky (deep-fried flat pasties filled with minced meat), pancakes).

Bar: classic bar.

Available places – 50. Area 120 sq.m

Type of work: concept development, startup, management, investment, marketing.

Period of work: 2010-2012


This is the first chain of the own establishments. It’s obvious, that the “service” package as well as the investment were of my own and made “turnkey”.

The first venue was opened in the old underground premise in 2010 in Lutsk on the area about 100 sq.m., the concept was continued in the centre of Ternopil.

The initial idea of the “People’s pelmen house” was reinforced with the 70s retro entourage and wide choice of chebureky, varenyky and pancakes.

The venue was remarkable for the active marketing activities (“Dendy tanks Championship”, “Pelmeni Festival” and so on), as well as for its tasty home style cuisine, pleasant service and humorous approach.

The availability of the small summer terrace in Lutsk enabled to keep up winter turnover levels, and the big summer tent in Ternopil increased the sales proceeds by 150% compared to winter.

The high efficiency, if compared with other establishments, was provided by the special offers “Breakfast”, “Business lunch”, “2+1” (owing to the maximum wide target audience – from students to businessmen).

The term of the project implementation from the conception to the opening – 4 months.

Project payback – 6 month

Food cost – 30%

Form of ownership – rent