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About the venue: a conceptual beer restaurant in the very centre of Kyiv with a wide beer menu and German cuisine.

Cuisine: German national, classic European.

Bar: wide beer menu, classic bar.

Available places – 100. Area 300 sq.m

Type of work: concept development, startup.

Period of work: 2009


The venue was opened on the consulting basis. The investments were attracted from the outside (investor).

The investor’s initial idea was to open a sports bar with sandwiches in the centre of Kyiv. Luckily, we managed to talk him out of creating the format like this in the country where only 10 sports events a year are able to attract wide audience.

During the cooperation I was involved into the concept development, branding, interior design and startup.

The period of implementation from creating the concept to the opening was 6 months.

The SWOT-analysis of the location showed the necessity of creating an establishment with a good national cuisine and a big assortment of beer.

The format of a German restaurant was chosen because of the beer themes and the maximum kinship of native and European consumers.

The venue’s feature is the assortment of beer on tap from various countries consisting of 30 items, and the markup on beer was not more than 100%. It provided the venue with the democratic image and the status of almost the people’s establishment.

The active marketing and show policy with festivals and sports broadcasts is carried out in the establishment.

Project payback – 2 years

Food cost – 30%

Form of ownership – rent.