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About the venue: a democratic conceptual café-bakery. There is a summer terrace and a glassed-in conservatory.

Cuisine: home style pastry.

Bar: coffee and hot drinks, cocktails.

Available places – 30. Area 40 sq.m

Type of work: concept development, investment, management, marketing.

Period of work: since 2013


This is the venue with the own investments and has been under the management since 2012.

It was our second attempt to start business in this premise in the public place in the centre of Lutsk. Earlier we made an unsuccessful attempt of promoting the “Kebab” format at the same place. Before us there was a similar establishment with French fries and fried chicken wings, which was unprofitable as well. In the concept of a café-bakery we made an accent on the products authenticity (Zakarpattia coffee, pastry baked according to home recipes) and a show kitchen with a bar. It helped not only save the space, but also gave the entourage. The menu of the establishment is maximum compact: 4 kinds of strudel, croissants, rum balls, éclairs, cupcakes and cheese cakes. Everything is made on the spot. We accentuate on the convenience of buying dishes “to go” (size, price, and package). Our secret is simple: tasty coffee and fresh pastry. That is why we bake everything every morning and during the day we bake more if necessary, and in the evening we optimize the remains through discounts, writing off on personnel and so on. An interesting and non-standard decision is our conservatory. This is a glassed-in terrace with 25 seats (perfect location for the”coffee+cigarette” segment). The first winter brought no profit, but the following winters gave a considerable increase of 50-60%. Taking into consideration the venue’s high passability and closeness to the park, the “take away” turnover makes up to 30% of the total. “Lviv Strudel”, as all our establishments, is significant for its active and original marketing policy (the promotions «Every seventh coffee for free», «Cross booking», «Free topping for pastry», «Choose the cup for your mood», «Discounts for being polite» and so on).