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About the venue: a modern designer gym.

Area 300 sq.m.

Type of work: concept development, investing, management, marketing.

Period of work: since 2019.


The project was created in consultation with the well-known Ukrainian coach Andriy Khomytsky (personal trainer of Nastya Kamensky, Potap, Slava ("Neangels"), Miss Ukraine Anna Andres, Santa Dimopoulos).

MOJO FITNESS has the largest number of simulators from the professional manufacturer "Interatletics". All simulators are brand new and represent the latest line of "Interatletics X LINE R". A characteristic feature of MOJO FITNESS is the large number of narrow-profile simulators, which allows to pump each muscle separately. The gym also has a large cardio area and a zone of stretching and static loads.

The team of the gym - professional coaches such as winners of the World Championships in their fields, and nutritionists, therapists, masseurs. All coaches have over 5 years of experience and resumes with the excellent customer results.