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About the venue: reconstruction of the former glass’ museum.

Cuisine: Ukrainian, home.

Available places – 100. Area 300 sq.m.

Type of work: concept development, investing, management, marketing.

Period of work: since 2019.


Verallia-Ukraine (Zorya village, Rivne region) is a French-German institution, that manufactures glass bottles for an export and employs about 600 people. Canteen works from 9 am to 2 am every day.

The Verallia canteen was built on the site of an outdated and useless glass’ museum. For an interior main point it took place the first bottles produced at the manufacture, were made their impressions on gypsum panels and then lined the columns and parts of the walls with such panels. The canteen is also a certain element of the corporate spirit. Employees should enjoy the way they eat at work.

Thanks to a properly designed menu, each employee receives a balanced diet for 8 hours: they are full, strong, and receive the required number of nutrition. The dining room serves the quality meat, porridges and soups. Fresh food is brought to the site every day. The menu is submitted for approval in advance, the dishes are not repeated during the week. This is a real restaurant.