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About the venue: a democratic family eco-café with flour, pasta and lemonade of our own production.

Cuisine: pizza, pasta, sushi.

Bar: own lemonades, classic bar, drinks for children.

Available places – 80. Area 350 sq.m

Type of work: concept development, investment, management, marketing.

Period of work: since 2012.


The family eco-café pizza house “Uncle PIZZA” is one of the establishments with the own investments that I have been dealing with up to now. This chain consists of two venues in the centre of Lutsk.

In 2012 we were offered to rent a premise with an already existing café that could not even afford to pay the rent. The café was working as a “democratic canteen”.

After the SWOT-analysis of the venue and its potential we came to the conclusion that pizza house was the best solution for that place.

Taking into consideration the deficiency of children and family venues at that moment, we arranged one of the premises as a play room for children and provided live coverage on the screens in the main halls (to make it convenient for parents) as well as free games and a baby sitter.

Taking into account the availability of the night club in the chain of our establishments, we tried to organize cross-marketing and worked twenty four hours on clubbing days. The idea proved to be good and nowadays we work twenty four hours every day and our door is never closed.

Later on we opened one more “Uncle PIZZA” in the pedestrian street of the city. This is where the first in the city mother and baby room appeared with a swaddling table, place for breast feeding and diapers, and also the swinging tables which are the only in the city.

As a menu basis we didn’t take a broad commodity group, but created the maximum big assortment of pizza of various diameters (15-50 сm) and other dishes and drinks. At the same time we run the number of interesting marketing activities (“Bring 5 pizza boxes and get a pizza as a present”, “2 free lemonades go with a 50 cm pizza”, «A toy present goes with a special KIDS pizza” and so on).

In such a way we managed to make the venue democratic and it actually has become a people’s venue.

In 2015 we reconstructed the establishment, added one more floor, a two-storeyed terrace and took the bias towards eco-products: we grow wheat, mill flour, make our own lemonades, use the products made by the local producers, sell macaroni and other goods of our own production. Thus, we have become not only interesting and original on the market, but also have managed to cut the food cost.

In our opinion, the components of the project success are the following:

- Democratic concept and prices

- Eco format originality

- Orientation towards children and family values

- Active and original marketing campaign

- Successful location

- Twenty four hour work

- Pleasant service

Project payback - 1,5 years.

Food cost – 40%

Form of ownership – rent