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About the venue: a summer show restaurant in the central park of Yevpatoria.

Cuisine: European.

Bar: classic bar.

Available places – 100. Area 250 sq.m

Type of work: management, marketing.

Period of work: 2009-2010


This is the consulting project under the management.

For the seasons of 2009 and 2010 I took an already existing open air lounge café “Del Mar” in the central park of Yevpatoria under my management.

The investor was rather limited in his funds, so any change of the concept was out of the question.

We analyzed the last years’ working experience with the menu, cut the assortment and introduced the direction towards Italian food (pizza, pasta, calzone to go) and hookahs.

The working time was prolonged by organizing dance parties with a DJ.

As a result, we achieved the income increase of +75% compared to the previous season.

Project payback – 1 season (3 months)

Food cost – 30%

Form of ownership – investor’s own premises