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About the venue: a show restaurant with karaoke programmes and parties. A summer terrace is available on the roof. It is a part of “OPERA” entertainment complex.

Cuisine: classic European, Japanese.

Bar: classic, original cocktail card.

Available places – 100. Area 400 sq.m

Type of work: concept development, investment, management, marketing.

Period of work: since 2013.


This is the establishment with the own investments. It has been under my management since 2013 and up to now.

The establishment has become the continuation of the “OPERA” night entertainment complex development and was opened as a pre-party restaurant for the night dance club. Two summer terraces are arranged on the roof in summer. Within quite a short period time the restaurant has become the most popular karaoke venue in the city.

All kinds of work connected with the project launch were carried out turnkey on our own: concept development, branding, design, marketing, shows and so on.

While developing the concept we worked on high quality dishes, drinks, cocktails and hookah menu as well as the level of service that would meet the notion of a “restaurant”.

The establishment is a kind of a show-restaurant or a restaurant-transformer, because after 11 p.m. the restaurant lounge atmosphere turns into a show time with the professional and bright karaoke programme.

The restaurant, admitting 100 people, has proved to be a great place for birthday parties, corporate events and friendly parties because a Guest has a possibility to participate in the karaoke programme or move to the disco. On average, up to 10 corporate events take place weekly, which makes 15% of the complex turnover.

The later transformations pushed us to develop the karaoke programmes towards the dancing side: we added the DJ to the back vocalists and the presenter. It gave the possibility to keep our Guests longer at night and maintain a merry atmosphere regardless of what songs the Guests perform. Naturally, this course affected the attendance of the disco, but the general increase from this marketing move was +15%.

The active marketing activity during the week days (menu discounts up to -50%) enable active load of the venue. The turnover during the week days makes up 30-35% of the general turnover.

Payback – 1 year

Food cost – 30%

Form of ownership – rent